Bed Bug Exterminator In Elgin, IL

How You Can Help Your Elgin Bed Bug Exterminator


A bed bug infestation can leave a devastating mark on your home and life. However, if you act quickly, it is possible to keep the amount of devastation to a minimum. With the help of a professional bed bug exterminator in Elgin, IL, you will be able to return your home to its normal state before you know it. If you go it alone, you could face months of expensive treatments. Below, you will discover more information about how you can help your exterminator, before they arrive to your home.


Stay Calm


Once you determine your home is infested with bed bugs, you will need start searching for a solution immediately. In order to do this, you will need to remain calm. If you panic, your mind will become clouded, preventing you from thinking clearly and making the right decision. Do not go crazy and start tossing our your expensive heirlooms, décor and furniture. Instead remain calm, so you will have a clear mind to work with.


Research Treatment Options


There is a wide array of bed bug treatment options available, including heat treatment, steam, pressurized carbon dioxide snow, diatomaceous earth and pesticides. By researching the options, you will be fully prepared to make a decision, as soon as the exterminator arrives at your home.


Start Removing Clutter


Before the exterminator arrives, you should start removing clutter from your home. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you should toss the items in the trash. However, if you do not utilize the items you may want to toss them in a trash bin at your local landfill. Definitely consider throwing away magazines, newspapers, damaged electronic equipment and stuffed animals. Place the items in a plastic bag and seal it, before taking it to the trash bin. This will ensure the bed bugs stay trapped inside the bag until they are moved to the landfill.


Hot Water And Heat


If you have special clothes, décor and other items that may be infested with bed bugs, you can preserve them instead of tossing them in the trash. Just put them in a plastic bag and take them to your laundry room. Put them through a washing and drying cycle on the maximum temperature setting.


Purchase Encasements


Encasements are similar to mattress covers, except they are designed to cover and seal mattresses and pillows. The zippered cover will fit snuggly over the mattress to keep bed bugs at bay. These items work wonderfully and can be utilized after the bed bugs are eradicated.