Bed Bug Exterminator in Orland Park, IL

How Bed Bugs Have Been Able To Spread Throughout Orland Park, IL

Orland Park is one of the nicest suburbs in the Chicago area. It is a gorgeous city full of amazing people. However, you need to realize that everyone can experience problems at some point or another. Just recently, there have been tons of news stories regarding bed bugs crawling around in Orland Park, Illinois. Unfortunately, this is a common problem and it is not solely regulated to Orland. Cities throughout the state and country have experience similar problems. Below, you’ll learn how bedbugs have been able to spread so quickly throughout Orland Park.


First and foremost, you should understand that most people will experience an infestation after a night at a hotel. Motels and hotels are amazing, but they can also be very problematic. There are tons of bedbugs throughout the state of Illinois and a large number of them have bedbugs. Before staying at a motel, you should carefully inspect the bed to see whether or not the hotel room is infested. If it is, make sure you switch rooms.

At the same time, you should know that these bugs can travel in your luggage and on your clothing. When you return home, throw everything in the dryer, because the heat will kill the bugs within minutes!

Riding On Clothing

Take the time to speak with a professional bed bug exterminator in Orland Park, IL. They’ll tell you that these nasty creatures are capable of traveling on clothing and they often do so without being noticed. This is why bedbugs are commonly found strolling along the public buses and inside of public buildings, such as libraries and city halls. Bedbugs can hide away in clothing for a long period and they’ll come out when they’re ready to feed. To protect yourself, it is pertinent to make sure that you be very cautious of who you let inside of your home.

Used Items

Finally, you must realize that bedbugs are sneaky and they can take shelter in pretty much anything and everything. This is why it is often ill advised to purchase used clothing and furniture. If you purchase a used coat, there is a possibility that the clothing is carrying bedbugs. These pests can also take shelter in shoes, luggage, shelves and everything in between. The possibilities are nearly endless. A lot of Orland Park residents have experience bedbug infestations after purchasing used items from friends, family members and strangers. Take caution to ensure that this does not happen to you!