Stink Bugs

Chicago residents will encounter stink bugs because they’re overwintering pests. Your area gets hold during the winter months. Therefore, stink bugs will need to take shelter before the cold temperatures arrive. Although they can hide elsewhere, stink bugs often invade homes. They’re small enough to slip through small gaps and cracks. In the United States, the first stink bugs were found in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1996. Today, they can be found in most states including Illinois. These pests can only reach three-quarters of an inch. In terms of color, they’re either gray or brown.

Reasons You Have Stink Bugs

Remember that a stink bug infestation says nothing about you. Instead, the problem has to do with the bug’s need to survive. Stink bugs invade residences because they’re trying to avoid the cold temperatures of winter. In other words, these bugs are overwintering pests. Stink bugs and other overwintering pests are going to seek shelter in buildings and elsewhere in the fall. When the temperatures rise, they’ll return outside.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

Stink bugs are a nuisance but they’re not dangerous. They shouldn’t pose any serious health risks to anyone. Nevertheless, these pests need to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Don’t crush them because you’ll cause them to release a smelly odor. Get rid of them using gentler techniques such as your vacuum cleaner.

Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs In Your Chicago Home

It is pertinent to find a way to eradicate the stink bugs in your home. Ultimately, there are numerous ways to achieve this goal. For starters, you can try vacuuming them up and disposing of them in a plastic bag. Just remember that you’ll have to work diligently to ensure that you get every stink bug. It won’t be easy. If you can’t manage, contact our Chicago office and let our exterminators do it for you. We’ll take care of the problem for you quickly.

Can You Tackle The Problem Yourself?

Can you tackle this problem without hiring a professional? Ultimately, you could. However, it likely isn’t a good idea to try. Many DIY methods do not work and some are unsafe. Therefore, it is best to protect yourself by hiring a professional. Let them handle the problem so you don’t have to worry about the risks involved.

The Cost Of Stink Bug Removals

We can’t tell you how much you’ll pay for our services. Before we can, we need to analyze the situation and find out what is going on. Once we’ve done that, we’ll know how much you’ll need to pay. Since we often use standard services, the price depends on the size of the property and the severity of the infestation.

Preventing Stink Bug Invasions

Make sure that you prevent stink bugs from entering your home. You might not be able to stop them but you can try. Seal any gaps around your doors and windows. Then, you should fill in any gaps around utility lines and plumbing pipes. Once you’ve done this, it’ll be harder for these pests to sneak into your home. Don’t forget that we’re always here to help. When they find a way to enter your home, call us so we can fix the problem swiftly.

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Get in touch with our Chicago office now. We’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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