Eco-Friendly Treatments

What is an eco-friendly “environmental-friendly” pest control treatment? Any treatment that does pose a risk to the environment is classified as eco-friendly. Environmental-friendly pest control products and techniques do not utilize chemicals, such as Perfluorooctanoic Acid “PFOA” and Perfluorooctaine Sulfonate “PFOS”. Instead of breaking down, PFOA and PFOS continue to accumulate, resulting in two highly toxic chemical-based pesticides.

To minimize or eliminate the environmental risks associated with PFOS and PFOA chemicals, eco-friendly treatments are key. We offer a full range of green pest control strategies:

  • Heat
  • Cryonite
  • Steam
  • Natural and all-natural pesticides
  • Organic pest control products
  • Adhesive traps

Does Eco-Friendly Pest Control Treatments Pose Health Risks To Children And Pets?

When eco-friendly pest control treatments are administered per the manufacturer’s directions, there are minimal children’s health risks. Just in case, our pest control product prohibits our exterminators from treating human- and pet-occupied properties.

Our environmentally-friendly strategies focus on reducing the population of the targeted pest species. Controlling the population of pests is the best and only way to minimize the number of new pest infestation cases.

We approach each new case with an open mind. There are no two infestation cases exactly the same. For this reason, we opt for a custom pest control strategy. We can achieve 100 percent extermination with minimal to no environmental risks with our professional eco-friendly treatment.

We Offer Several Eco-Friendly Services

We strive to provide our clients with a handful of eco-friendly methods. For instance, we offer Cryonite treatments, steam treatments, and more. We have carefully selected our pest control methods because we want to protect everyone involved. We refuse to use dangerous chemicals around our clients. Instead, we’re going to stick with eco-friendly methods when possible. Again, we offer several environmentally friendly methods.

When you’re ready to tackle the problem, contact our office. We’ll always be here to help. Our company has been serving Chicago for many years. Our experience and expertise guarantee that we can fix the problem promptly and safely.

We’ll Be Back In 30 Days

We’ll need to return to your home one last time. In general, we’ll wait 30 days to visit the home for a check-up. With many pest control methods, multiple visits are required. Nevertheless, we’re going to visit the home in 30 days to guarantee that the pests are indeed gone. We have to do this to make sure that our service was effective. Unfortunately, no pest control method is perfect. Therefore, we have to take steps to ensure that everything went well.

Most bedbug treatments require us to visit the clients’ homes multiple times. Either way, we’re going to visit your home again in one month. Taking this extra step ensures that we’re able to provide you with excellent results and your money’s worth.

Why Hire Us!

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  • Our pest control products are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency “EPA”
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