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Cryonite Treatment

We offer Cryonite treatments and often recommend them to our clients. We prefer this non-toxic method because it eliminates bedbugs at all stages of life. The treatment has become immensely popular in the United States, Europe, and Australia. It relies on CO2 snow to wipe out the pests. When it is applied to the home correctly, Cryonite can eliminate bedbugs, flour beetles, cockroaches, and other crawling pests. Work with us because we have the skills and experience to take care of the problem correctly.

Cryonite Eliminates Infestations Of Bedbugs

The Cryonite process eliminates bedbugs by freezing them to death. It works quickly to ensure that the bugs are exposed to excessively low temperatures within seconds. The process is effective because it is fast. Carbon dioxide snow is used as the cooling medium, and it is administered using a special nozzle. Cryonite treatments offer the following characteristics.

Dry Ice

The Cryonite treatment uses dry ice or frozen carbon dioxide to eliminate the pests. When it sublimates, it turns directly into a gas. Since it doesn’t become a liquid, you can guarantee that the process is going to be clean. It won’t turn your food into a gooey mess. Furthermore, our Cryonite method can be used around delicate items, including electrical outlets, pipes, motors, beds, and more.

Fast Application

The Cryonite treatment has the perfect combination of speed and size. The cooling process works quickly enough to eliminate bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and larvae.

Unit Design

The Cryonite unit is ergonomically designed to ensure that the application process is quick and convenient. We can carry it into your home with ease. The nozzle has a 90-degree angle to ensure we can easily treat hard-to-reach places, including under mattresses and in electrical outlets.

Treats Cracks & Gaps

Finally, Cryonite snow works great for eliminating bedbugs in cracks, gaps, and holes. It can seep into lengthy pipes and eradicate any bugs hiding inside.

An Eco-Friendly Method

We always recommend using eco-friendly methods because they’re safe, reliable, and better for the environment. Plus, Cryonite offers the following features.

  • It is suitable for any time and anywhere
  • It can be used to treat any surface. It can even be used in kitchens and bakeries
  • A company’s production line can remain operational during the Cryonite treatment procedure
  • Cryonite does not leave any nasty residue. As a result, tenants can return home much sooner

Cryonite’s Biggest Benefits

Our Cryonite treatment offers a handful of unique benefits.

  • It can effortlessly eliminate bedbugs, cockroaches, and other crawling pests
  • It allows us to maintain a pest-free home for our clients
  • Any production line can continue during the treatment process
  • If downtimes are necessary, the Cryonite treatment will minimize them
  • It is a dry treatment that doesn’t leave a messy residue
  • Cryonite can be used around food products
  • It is safe and easy for us to administer
  • It eliminates bugs at all life stages
  • Cryonite can eliminate adult and baby bedbugs
  • It is cheaper than other treatment methods
  • We like Cryonite because it is much better for the environment

We cannot stress the importance of choosing the right treatment enough. You have to consider using our Cryonite treatments because they’re reliable and safe. We serve Chicago and all nearby areas. Contact us so we can begin soon.

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