Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are unique ants that often invade residences in our area. These pests have two antennas and six legs. Although they’re black, they have a few red areas on their bodies. These pests tend to travel in large groups. You may not see them but they’ll move along grass, highways, and sidewalks until they reach their destination. Carpenter ants can be destructive because they have powerful mandibles. They’ll use their mandibles to chew through wood structures and build nests. The size and appearance depend on the class. Colonies have carpenter ant workers and queens. The queen can reach 5/8ths of an inch while workers sometimes reach half an inch.

Are Carpenter Ants In Your Dwelling?

Check your home for the following things to find out whether you have carpenter ants.

  • Look For Them – Look around your home for black ants. Large, black ants will be found in and around your home.
  • Sawdust – Carpenter ants leave frass or sawdust around your home. When chewing through wood, they’ll dispose of it nearby.
  • Listen Carefully – If you listen carefully, you can hear the ants moving through your home.
  • Swarmers – Don’t forget to look for swarmer ants. They are often found searching for food and building new colonies. Swarmer ants have wings.

Why Are Carpenter Ants In Your Home?

Why are you going to find carpenter ants in your home? Carpenter ants start by building colonies on decaying wood surfaces. Once they’ve established a solid colony, they’re going to move to newer, more solid wood surfaces. When you find a colony in your home, it is likely a satellite colony. It isn’t the primary colony. Ants want to stay outside but they’re not afraid of entering structures. They often enter homes because they’re looking for food to consume. These pests are always determined so they’re going to find a way to sneak into your home no matter what. They’ll enter homes through gaps around doors, windows, utility cables, and plumbing pipes.

Should You Worry About Your Health?

Even when you’re dealing with a carpenter ant colony, you don’t need to worry about your health. These pests do not attack people or spread illnesses. However, the stress they cause could lead to health problems. Therefore, it is pertinent to get rid of them right away. The primary risk is that they’re going to cause structural damage to your dwelling.

Carpenter Ant Removal Techniques

You can choose from a handful of carpenter ant removal techniques. Make sure you choose one that works best for you. Our technicians have a comprehensive carpenter ant program that includes inspections and treatments. Since carpenter ants live in complex tunnels, you’ll likely have trouble getting rid of them without professional services. We can eradicate them with precision accuracy.

DIY Solutions For Carpenter Ants?

You can find certain DIY products that will eliminate carpenter ants. Although they work for this purpose, it isn’t easy to use them to wipe out an infestation. It will be harder than you could ever imagine. Most homeowners won’t have much success using these products. Some of them are dangerous when used and mixed incorrectly. Work with us and you can deal with the problem accurately and safely.

When Can Your Service Begin?

Call our local office so we can begin helping you soon. Our representative will call you within a day or two.

Safe EPA-Registered Solutions

We aim to provide safe solutions by using EPA-registered products. When you’re ready to solve the problem safely, count on us. Our technicians use safe treatments and follow precise protocols to guarantee that you’re going to be protected during each phase of the process. we’ll give you advice for staying safe before, during, and after the treatment.

What Can You Do To Prevent Carpenter Ants?

Be careful and take steps to keep carpenter ants out of your apartment or home. Properly clean your dwelling to ensure that these pests have no reason to enter.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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