Box Elder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are overwintering pests that are commonly found in our area. These pests are small, black, and equipped with flat wings. Although they’re mostly black, they have a few distinct red marks. These overwintering pests are half an inch in length. During the warm summer months, they stay outside and consume from cherry trees, maple trees, ash trees, and box elder trees.

Why Do Box Elder Bugs Invade Homes?

Boxelder bugs want to enter homes in late fall because they don’t want to get stuck outside during the cold months. They’re overwintering pests so they want to take shelter in your home. Since they’re only half an inch in length, they can slip through small gaps. Once the hot weather returns or you turn your HVAC unit too high, they’ll go back outside.

Could Box Elder Bugs Make You Sick?

In general, box elder bugs are not going to make you sick. They don’t bite or expose you to any serious health risks. They won’t damage your home or belongings either.

Eradicating These Overwintering Pests

Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to deal with the box elder bugs on your property. They’re often too difficult to eliminate on your own. If you want to stay safe, we highly recommend teaming up with our skilled team of exterminators. We’ll help you fix the problem before worsens.

Dealing With A Box Elder Bug Infestation With DIY Methods

Some do-it-yourself products are designed to eliminate box elder bugs. Many of them can indeed eliminate these pests. Nevertheless, this isn’t the best way to tackle the problem. When you use DIY methods, you’ll have to target and treat each pest. There is a high risk that you’re going to miss a few and doing so will lead to a resurgence.

We’re Ready To Dispatch A Technician

Call us so we can dispatch a technician to your home as soon as possible. After your call, one of our representatives will call you back within 24 to 48 hours.

The Safest Ways To Eliminate Box Elder Bugs

It is wise to work quickly to find a safe way to deal with the box elder bugs on your property. We strive to follow strict guidelines to ensure you receive satisfactory results. All of the products we administer in our clients’ homes are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. These products are designed to eliminate these pests while keeping you safe during each phase of the process. Follow our safety recommendations and everything will be fine.

Keeping Box Elder Bugs Away From Your Dwelling

Seal your exterior walls to keep these pests out of your home. Small gaps around windows, plumbing pipes, doors, and utility cables must be sealed immediately.

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