Carpenter Bees

Carpenters bees are often found in our area so you may encounter them at some point. The large bee species ranges in size from half an inch to an inch and a half. Males and females look different. Female carpenter bees are solid black but male carpenter bees have orange spots too. These pests are frequently mistaken for bumblebees but they’re different. A carpenter bee doesn’t have a hairy abdomen.

Reasons Carpenter Bees Are In Your Dwelling

Carpenters bees approach homes that have unprotected softwoods. It is pertinent to protect the softwoods around your home to prevent this from happening. Carpenter bees build nests and tunnels in softwoods. They often build nests in decks, sheds, and porches. Breeding pairs of carpenter bees tend to return to the same nests for multiple years.

Do Carpenter Bees Pose Health Risks?

You’re likely worried about the health risks associated with carpenter bees. They belong to the stinging insect category so they can sting. However, it isn’t as bad as you might think. Male carpenter bees do not sting. They can’t because they do not have a stinger. They are aggressive though. Female carpenter bees are the direct opposite. Although they have a stinger, they’re generally docile and don’t sting often. As long as you don’t get too close, you shouldn’t get stung. They can release venom and that could lead to an allergic reaction. Carpenter bee larvae will attract woodpeckers. Unfortunately, carpenter bees and woodpeckers can cause severe property damage.

Ways To Remove Carpenter Bees

Find a way to solve this problem before it worsens and destroys your property. We argue that the best way to resolve the problem is by letting us do it for you. We’ll take care of the issue promptly so you can minimize any risks involved. Our residential pest control experts will do what they can to get rid of these pests.

Tackling The Problem Using DIY Methods

DIY methods can kill carpenter bees but there are immense risks involved. Some of these products contain toxic products so it is best to avoid them. Plus, you’re going to anger these pests and cause them to come after you. Work with a professional so you can reduce the risks involved.

Safe Carpenter Bee Treatments

We aim to be the best pest control company in your area. One way we set our company apart from the competition is by using safe solutions. We use products that have been tested and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Our skilled pest control technicians will keep you safe.

Preventing Carpenter Bees From Invading Your Property

Remember that carpenter bees are attracted to softwoods that haven’t been protected. You can likely keep them away by eliminating their nesting spots. Find any softwoods around your property and treat them. Paint or seal the softwoods. Alternatively, you can switch to hardwood materials.

When Can An Exterminator Get Here?

Contact our local office right now so we can begin helping you. We’ll call you back within a day or so.

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