Spiders often create problems in and around Chicago. These arthropods belong to the Araneae order and have eight legs. They can have six or eight legs. They’re easy to identify because they have fangs and this makes them frightening. They are since they can inject venom into their victims. Researchers have confirmed 40,000 spider species around the world but not all of them are found in Chicago. Spiders build webs by shooting silk from their abdomen and use the webs to capture prey. Small spiders consume other spiders and small insects. As for larger spiders, they consume lizards and birds.

Most spiders live alone but some reside in communal webs with thousands of other spiders. A spider in the wild can live up to two years, but it can reside 25 years or longer in protected environments. During adulthood, female spiders grow larger than male spiders. However, males are found in residences more frequently because they’ll enter when searching for females to mate with.

How Dangerous Are Chicago’s Spiders?

Spiders are not as aggressive as most people suspect. They don’t attract people unless they’re trying to defend themselves. They’re not going to come out in the middle of the night to prey on you. Although some spider bites are dangerous, most are not. Roughly 99% of all bites will be harmless. During rare situations, spider bites can lead to necrotic wounds and systemic toxicity. Although rare, death is possible. The primary concern is that the spider is going to inject venom into its victims. Even when the bite is harmless, it will still hurt.

Why Spiders Enter Homes

It is hard to know exactly why spiders have decided to enter your home. Some spiders enter residences because they’re searching for insects to consume. Male spiders might enter homes when searching for females to mate with.

Eradicating Spiders – Do You Need A Professional?

Don’t hesitate to begin tackling this problem as quickly as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by cleaning up your yard. Remove possible nesting spiders and force these spiders to go elsewhere. Remove woodpiles, rocks, and other debris. If you find any existing webs, get rid of them immediately. You’ll also want to seal the gaps around your doors and windows. Fill in holes around utility lines and plumbing pipes. Take these steps and you’ll increase the likelihood that your home will remain free of spiders and other pests. If you have many spiders in your home, it is best to hire a pro.

The Safest Treatments For Spiders

Although you need to tackle the problem swiftly, you cannot afford to take immense risks. As mentioned above, a spider bite could be deadly. Therefore, you should work with a professional and let them fix the problem for you. We’re always ready to help Chicago residents. We offer safe solutions because we administer EPA-registered products in our clients’ homes. These products do not pose any risk to people, plants, or pets.

You can try eliminating the spiders on your own, but you might get bitten. A spider bite may be deadly. Work with us and avoid taking that gamble.

When Can Someone Get Here?

Contact us right now so we can begin helping you. After your call, we’ll make sure our representative calls you within 48 hours.

Stopping Spiders From Entering Your Home

Be sure to do what you can to stop spiders from invading your home. As previously stated, it is pertinent to get rid of debris outside of your home. Clean up your yard while getting rid of rocks, woodpiles, and other debris. Remove anything that they could use to build webs. Get rid of their existing websites. Once you’ve done this, you should begin sealing the exterior walls of your home. Take care of gaps around doors, windows, plumbing pipes, and utility cables. If you find spiders in your home, call our office. One of our friendly Chicago exterminators will help you rectify the problem.

Brown Recluse Spiders In Chicago

You’re likely concerned that you’re going to encounter brown recluse spiders in your area. It is easy to be worried about these spiders since they’re incredibly dangerous. Thankfully, they’re not as common as you might believe. Instead, people in Chicago rarely encounter brown recluse spiders. Therefore, you should let your fear ruin your life. Glance at the facts below and you’ll likely sleep more comfortably tonight.

  • Brown recluse spiders aren’t found in Chicago often.
  • These spiders often travel in shipping boxes to reach Chicago homes.
  • If these spiders can make it to Chicago, they’ll likely survive here.
  • It is highly unlikely that anyone has ever seen a brown recluse spider outside in our area.
  • Brown recluse spiders can live around people and pets without biting anyone.
  • These spiders aren’t as aggressive as most think. They’re timid so they usually try to avoid people.
  • Brown recluse spiders do not move from building to building. Once they find a place to stay, they’ll stay put.
  • Certain products can eliminate these spiders.
  • It might be a funnel weaver spider since both look alike.

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