Professional Earwig Pest Control

Some people describe the earwig as looking like a centipede. Everyone has a unique way of describing the earwig. But, looking like a centipede is questionable. The earwig has three sets of legs, while the centipede has at least 15 pairs of legs, no more than 177. There are around 8,000 centipede species and approximately 2,000 species of earwig, which are divided into 12 families.

Another major difference between the earwig and the centipede is its mouthparts. The earwig has what scientists refer to as “cerci,” pincers that protrude from the abdomen. The centipede, on the other hand, has mandibles. Both the cerci and mandibles are utilized for feeding, nesting, and mating.

Why Is My Basement Infiltrated With Earwigs?

Earwigs are classified as “overwintering pests” and “pantry pests.” The overwintering pest is an insect species that “overwintering” or hibernates during the winter season. The pantry pest is an insect species that invade residential and commercial buildings in search of food products stored in pantries. Pantry pests are also referred to as “stored product pests.”

As an overwintering pest, the earwig infiltrates homes and businesses in search of a safe, warm, damp, and discrete shelter. A place that can provide this type of environment would be similar to most basements and crawlspaces. The earwig can also be found living underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks, garages, and some attics.

As a pantry pest, the earwig infiltrates residential and commercial establishments, such as grocery stores and supermarkets, in search of a food supply. The insect is not searching for just any food supply, but a vulnerable non-perishable food supply.

Is It Possible To Fully Eradicate Earwig Infestation? If So, How?

Yes, complete eradication of earwigs is possible, with the right pest control treatment. Professional earwig management is designed to help control the population. By controlling the earwig population in a specific area, it is possible to maintain better control of earwig infiltration.

Professional pest control has proven time and time again to offer 100 percent effectiveness for earwig infiltration and infestation. Our professional earwig management can be customized, depending on the inspection data. We firmly believe custom earwig strategies are much more effective than random treatments.

How Do Residents Request An Earwig Consultation?

Our customer support can be reached via phone, email, and social media. All of these contact options will connect you directly to a pest control expert at our local office. When you connect with one of our pest control experts, you can ask about our broad range of services. The representative will help you set up an appointment for a free earwig consultation.

On the morning of the appointment day, a licensed exterminator will send you an alert. If the exterminator is on schedule, the consultation will go on as planned. Unfortunately, not every pest control service appointment will be on schedule. In fact, the peak season for earwigs poses problems for our exterminators and clients. We strive to deliver speedy responses to all service requests, in both the off-season and peak season.

Is Conventional Earwig Insecticide Environmentally Unfriendly?

Conventional insecticides and pesticides utilize toxic ingredients to eradicate earwigs and earwig colonies. We also offer eco-friendly pest control products and treatments that utilize natural or organic chemicals.

We only invest in pest control products that have been approved by the government agency knows as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA approval process is quite stringent, as it requires manufacturers to seek approval for their pesticides before entering the US market.

The EPA prohibits unapproved pest control products from being sold to American consumers because they pose environmental risks.

What Is A Reliable Earwig Prevention Strategy?

There is no doubt, earwigs do not pose structural damage or environmental risks. The insect utilizes its cerci to feed on various plant species and small insect species – mites and fleas. To infiltrate homes, earwigs spend hours if not days looking for vulnerabilities in structural components. The insects utilize 0.5-inch exterior-to-interior openings to invade commercial and residential settings. Immediately following infiltration of the property, earwigs initiate searches for a discrete hiding place.

To create a protective barrier around your home, it is important to repair and update the structural components that failed to keep earwigs at bay.

  • Fill small openings with a waterproof sealant
  • Custom metal or wood sheeting to close utility piping and wiring passages
  • Transitioning from paperboard packaging to ceramic and glass storage containers creates barriers between non-perishable food and earwig pantry pests
  • Routine inspections of the impacted property.
  • Know the signs of an earwig infestation
  • Educate every household member about the importance of earwig prevention
  • Decrease humidity in problem areas (basements and crawlspaces)

Why Hire Us!

While earwig infestation is rare, it is always a possibility. Knowing the signs of earwigs, how to conduct visual earwig inspection, identify the earwig, and locate nests in high-risk areas. We believe any earwig prevention plan can be strengthened when the client partners with one of our pest control experts.

  • Our extermination company is licensed, insured, and bonded
  • We deliver high-quality earwig management services
  • Our prices are fair and competitive with other pest control companies
  • We offer earwig consultations, inspections, and estimates for free
  • Our pest control product line is eco-friendly, natural, chemical, and organic
  • We work with other pest control companies and contractors to control the local earwig population
  • We can help you and your family member identify the earwig

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