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Unique Things To Do In Chicago

Been locked up for the past year? Ready to get out, let your hair down, and take in some of the greatest sights and attractions the world has to offer? If so, you’ll want to start in the Windy City. While there are tons of amazing things to do in the United States alone, Chicago has you covered. Art, culture, good eats, history, or whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll find it here. Maybe you are looking to make some money in the bustling business market. There’s plenty of that too in this amazing place. When you see everything the city has to offer it will no longer be a question of why should I visit the city. It’ll become, what’s the first thing to do. If you are looking for some unique offerings that you won’t get anywhere else, you’ll want to check out the following attractions.

Papa Hemingway’s Birthplace

Located west of downtown Chicago in the leafy and fancy suburb of Oak Park, you’ll find on the second floor of a Queen Anne-style home the birthplace of one of America’s most iconic writers, Ernest Hemingway. He spent the first six years of his existence here, and it no doubt played a pivotal role in his life. You can learn all about it and more when you choose to partake in the hour-long tour of Papa Hemingway’s childhood home. It’ll take about a total of 45 minutes to tour the grounds, but you’ll learn a whole slew of interesting facts about the young author’s early life.

Get Into The Criminal Past

Chicago is no doubt highly known for its seedy underbellies. Who doesn’t love a good gangster tale, and there are plenty of them to learn about in Chicago. Think of the Chicago Mob, Bugs Moran, Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti, The Lady in Red, The Untouchables, Johnny Torrio, John Dillinger, and of course, Al Capone. That’s exactly what Chicago’s seedy size has to offer. Conduct stake-outs and transport yourself back to those days of old. Some of the places you’ll want to hit up are the Holy Name Cathedral, the Biograph Theatre, and the site of the infamous Valentine’s Day Massacre in Lincoln Park.

Dig Into The Pizza

What would be a visit to Chicago without at least one or two slices of pizza? It would be a wasted trip because pizza in Chicago is unlike pizza you will experience anywhere else in the world. You’ve might have had New York-style pizza, but you have never had pizza until you’ve had authentic Chicago-style pizza. From the North to the Southside of the city there is a whole slew of mom-and-pop pizza shops that deliver some of the best deep-dish you’ll ever partake in. Authentic Chicago deep-dish is a casserole encased in chewy dough and a must-have for any first-time visitor to the city.

The Randolph Street Market

There is nothing like a day of bargain hunting and whether it is vintage clothing or knick-knacks you are after, you won’t have a problem finding it at the Randolph Street Market. If you are a reader of the New York Times or Travel and Leisure, you’ve probably already seen some of the amazing things this place has to offer, as it has been featured more than once.