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What To Know About The Beautiful City Of Aurora, Illinois

Aurora is one of the most popular suburbs in Chicago. The city is spread across Kane and DuPage County, but a small portion also extends into Will and Kendall Counties. Suffice to say, it is a fairly big area and its population is massive. In July of 2013, it was estimated that the area was home to nearly 200,000 individuals making it one of the most populous cities in the entire country. If you’re going to be traveling to the City of Lights or just want to know more about the area, you’ll want to continue reading the information below!

The City’s Nickname

Aurora has been referred to as the City of Lights since 1908. Initially, you might believe that this has something to do with the city’s light festival, but this isn’t the case, Instead, Aurora received that nickname, because it was one of the first American cities to receive an all-electric street lighting system. That happened in 1881 and the name was adopted in 1908. Suffice to say, the name was stuck with it for many, many years.

Amazing Architecture

Another amazing thing about Aurora, IL is the buildings. Over the years, a handful of historical architects have made their mark on the skyline of Aurora. The area features home to structures by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Bruce Goff, George Grant Elmslie, and even Frank Lloyd Wright. On top of that, Aurora is also home to more than 50 Sears Catalog homes and seven Lustron all-steel homes. The area is truly historical in its own right.


If you’re a fan of gambling, you’ll probably enjoy a good trip to Aurora. The area is home to the Hollywood Casino Aurora. This dockside gaming facility expands over 53,000 square feet and it has 1,200 gaming positions. It is found on the river in the downtown portion of Aurora. Therefore, the casino offers plenty of fun and an amazing view as well. The city is also home to several sports teams. From 2002 to 2004, the area’s Stonebridge Country Club was used for the LPGA Tour’s Kellogg-Keebler Classic. And of course, Aurora University has its own men and women’s basketball, golf, and cross-country teams.

Recent Troubles

Aurora is an amazing area, but it has experienced some troubles in recent years. Just a few months ago, the area became the source of stories regarding bedbugs. The top bed bug exterminator in Aurora, IL will admit that the city has its fair share of bedbug problems. In fact, Chicago as a whole has had trouble with these pests during the past few years.


Finally, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the media outlets found in Aurora. They’re plentiful. First and foremost, the area is home to several television stations, including Total Living Network, Aurora Community TV, WPVN-CD, and WXFT-DT. The Waubonsee Community College also has their own television station. The area is home to three radio stations as well. Finally, Aurora is home to The Beacon News, which is owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group!


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