Chicago Is One Of The Busiest Cities In The United States

Chicago is ranked as the third largest city in the nation, with a population of over 2.7 million (2013). Chicago is highly known for its major shopping venues, jazzy music and cultural attractions. The city skyline is absolutely magnificent, especially when at sunset and sundown. Tourists never miss an opportunity to witness Chicago’s skyline’s ever changing alterations and with Lake Michigan underneath, it is nothing less of a miracle.


Most Visited Districts


Thousands of tourists pour into the city every week, just to conduct business relations. However, many are more interested in the city’s major attractions. The Downtown and Old Town districts are two of the most visited areas in Chicago, along with the Gold Coast, South Loop, Streeterville and Central Station. These areas are filled with some of tallest skyscrapers and highly ranked institutions. The Downtown’s busiest business hub is known as “The Loop”.


Uptown Neighborhood


Uptown is the result of the 1920’s, when wealthy businessmen put a lot of money into neighborhood. An entertainment district runs along the lake, filled with department stores, music shops and art galleries. There is something in Uptown Chicago for everyone, so if you have time to visit this location, it is highly recommended to do so. If you have any teenagers in your group, you may want to let them spend a little time at the Aragon Ballroom and Uptown Theatre. Both of these are happening places, but it is important for them to not go alone.


Lincoln Park Zoo


For the young ones in the group, the Lincoln Park Zoo awaits. The Zoo is open 7 days a week, providing visitors with lots of wildlife entertainment. One of the most popular exhibits housed in the Zoo is the Penguin Triumphant. The Regenstein Center is also a popular attraction, with an African Apes exhibition.


Museum of Science and Industry


Almost every Chicagoan has visited the Museum of Science and Industry at some point in their life. This is one of the most popular school trips, enjoyed by all school age children. Just a short distance from Hyde Park, the Museum provides visitors with a guided tour through Chicago’s history of science and industry. If you plan on visiting the establishment, be sure to go early or late in the evening, especially during the summer months. There is always a line of visitors just waiting to enter the establishment, so they can experience an adventure of a lifetime.