What To Know When Visiting The Windy City Of Chicago

Have you ever thought about visiting the beautiful city of Chicago? The Windy City has become a very popular tourist destination over the past few years. The city’s beautiful landscape, friendly people and amazing attractions should all be credited with its growing popularity. Just remember that you’ll need to plan thoroughly in advance to ensure your trip to Chicago is enjoyed to the maximum. Below, you’ll learn tips for planning your trip.

The Climate

First, it is absolutely pertinent to consider the city’s climate. The city experiences all four distinctive seasons. During the spring, the weather tends to be chilly and wet. The summers are humid and warm. The winter in Chicago can be immensely cold. With this in mind, you will need to plan according to the season that you prefer best. If you’re not fond of the cold weather, it is best to arrive during the spring or summer. And of course, be sure to bring the appropriate attire, so you do not return home with a cold!

Arriving In The City

While there are numerous ways to enter Chicago, most tourists will arrive at the city’s O’Hare Airport. The airport serves a handful of different airliners and it is possible to fly in from many different cities. The O’Hare Airport is approximately 17 miles away from the Loop, while the Midway International Airport is a little closer. The O’Hare is the most popular and currently ranks as the 4th busiest airport in the entire world. The facility was opened in 1944, so it is somewhat of an attraction in and of itself.

What To Do In Chicago

When venturing to the beautiful city of Chicago, you will definitely want to keep yourself occupied. This won’t be difficult at all, since the city of full of many amazing attractions. The Wrigley Field is definitely one of the most popular. The historic Wrigley Field was first opened to the public in 1914. Although its name has changed over the years, its appearance has pretty much remained the same. The park is currently home to the Chicago Cubs. They have been utilizing the facility since 1916.

A History Lesson

While visiting Chicago, you should also consider a detour to the Field Museum of Natural History. The museum was established in 1893. It is home to many mammal artifacts. The establishment is family friendly and will prove to be a valuable visit for children of all ages. On top of that, the entry fee is minimal. Be sure to check it out during your visit.