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Some of us have visited many Chinatowns in the world but the one in Chicago is different and also the oldest one in the United States. Escaping from increasingly high racial tension during 1870 in California, Chinese people came to the Midwestern city. The present-day Chinatown was established in 1915 after multiple Chinese descends moved south from the Loop. Since then, the Chinese community in Chicago, Illinois built a strong influence in the neighborhood. Flush with so many colors to their shops, restaurant, markets, medicine shops, mural art and so much more.

Things to Do

Learn the History of the Chinese-American Community

Visit the Chinese American Museum of Chicago that has been housed in the former home of the Quong Yick Co. which was a grocery store. The museum has a lot of visiting exhibitions throughout the year but one of its permanent exhibitions is the “Great Wall to Great Lakes: Chinese Immigration to the Midwest” is where guests can hear and read about the journeys of the Chinese community and what it took them to the Midwest. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

Nine Dragon Wall

I guess you’re wondering what is this Nine Dragon Wall. These significant walls are usually found in Chinese community places, parks and gardens which is a miniature replica of the wall that is originally in Behai Park, Beijing. The green and gold structure is a picturesque backdrop that is great for your next social media profile picture. Nine Dragon Wall is located at 158 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL.

Dragon Boat Racing

A 17-acre park that has been used as a railyard but was son converted into a multifunctional green space by the Chicago Park District in 1998. Named after the noted civic leader and a lifelong resident in Chinatown resident, Ping Tom Memorial Park with a fieldhouse that has a fitness center, indoor pool, pagoda, patio and so much more with a beautiful view of the Chicago River. One of the must-do events here is the annual dragon boat race which is held during June where teams race each other on the river.

Wander in Wentworth

If you want to have a walk and visit a variety of shops, you can consider doing this on Wentworth Avenue. Visit throughout the entire neighborhood by starting on Cermak Street under the Chinatown Gate that immediately welcomes you to the great neighborhood. Walking down the street and see all the colorful souvenir shops, beautiful ornate Pui Tak Center, and restaurants. Stop by Chinatown Bazaar and get grab some gifts to bring for people back home.

If you are a person who likes to do different and diverse things Chinatown is the best place that you can visit with its unique offers and aesthetics.

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