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Little Village

Take a trip down to Little Village or La Villita as what locals from Chicago, Illinois call the neighborhood. A wonderful neighborhood to spend the day and just enjoy an incredible culture, art, and on-point Mexican dining.

Little Village is deeply rooted in the close-knit community of Mexican American families and is running to some of Chicago, Illinois’ best small businesses that are centered around the main commercial area of the neighborhood along 26th Street.

Great Things to Do in Little Village


One of the big factors we love doing when visiting new places is to discover the delicious and abundant food industry. Locals’ most recommended place to eat is at Los Candiles, where you can enjoy great food selections like enchiladas and chilaquiles, or maybe think about getting some freshly baked goods and pastries. Fresh out of the oven into their display cases, Rosy’s Bakery or La Baguette might be a perfect place to check out.

How about Dinner? No worries because you can go and visit Mi Tierra’s atmosphere and paradillas which is a mix of marinated meat or seafood and vegetables on its own tabletop grill. A perfect way to end a long day of sightseeing or even beginning the night with evening drinks at local bars. EZ Bed Bud Exterminator Chicago


You will never complete your Little Village visit without making Little Village Discount Mall a place for your shopping time. Located at 26th Street Chicago, IL, you can find everything in just one place. From First Communion dresses, party supplies, tons of hand-crafted Western wear and so much more. If you are into handcrafted jewelry or Mexican crafts, might as well visit Artesanías Elena. The shop features jewelry, a variety of gifts to choose from, décor that is made by local and south-of-the-border-based Mexican artisans.

Village Discount Outlet Store #9 where you can thrift shopping, have a colorful day with sugar courtesy of the candy dreamland that Dulcelandia del Sol. The shop does offer American staples with chili-dusted Mexican twist texture and flavor.


While having a great time in the neighborhood you had to stop by the Open Center for the Art. The beloved space of the community that supports local working artists, exhibits, host events, and workshop programs for the public to join throughout the year.

If you are into the art scene you must check out and don’t miss the Manuel Peres Memorial Plaza which is just a small park but covered with murals and mosaics honoring a local veteran.

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