The Garden of the Phoenix

The Garden of the Phoenix was constructed during the 19th century by the United States and Japan as a token of their friendship, and also a permanent spot for visitors to learn and experience Japanese culture.

In over 120 years after being constructed, this site went through massive highs and lows and it remained still reflecting the U.S-Japan relations.

Health Reminders

Although it is outdoor, everyone is still encouraged to wear their mask to avoid COVID-19 contact with fellow visitors. Get vaccinated if you can for everyone’s convenience. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

It is Free to the Public

Jackson Park, Chicago is one of the most significant and historic landscapes located in Chicago as well as the whole nation. As one of the enlisted places in the National Register of Historic Places, the Garden will remain a historic and culturally centered symbolism of U.S-Japanese ties.

If you are outdoorsy this is a tranquil and beautiful outdoor space to stretch your muscles or play frisbee with your dog. They have this 12-petal lotus made by Yoko Ono that rises from the ashes of the burned Phoenix Pavilion and it symbolizes peace and prosperity. It was Yoko’s first art piece that she donated to Chicago, Illinois and placed at the park. The garden is not big but it’s a peaceful place located just behind the Museum of Science and Industry. If you are into yoga, it’s quite a good place to do some yoga and quiet reflection.

Access to the park can be difficult because the garden doesn’t have a dedicated parking space, so you’ll have to park your car from a distance and just walk. Try visiting the park during the Spring season and you will see cherry blossoms blossoming aesthetically.

Foundation and Supporting the Future

The Garden of the Phoenix Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that ensures the 1893 commitment that partners with the Chicago Park District and other organizations to ensure that the 1893 commitment to maintaining the Garden of the Phoenix as a permanent and extraordinary place for visitors to learn about Japan and experience Japanese culture is fulfilled now and for generations to come. Osaka gate is added to commemorate the Osaka-Chicago sister city ties.

Today, the Foundation is focused on completing the framework plan and its various education, revitalization, and sustainability projects by 2022.


Contact them at It is exactly located at 201 N. LaSalle St., Suite 2500 Chicago, IL.

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