West Loop

West Loop in Chicago, Illinois is a food haven place, perfect for people who love to eat with its explosion of excellent eateries that have dominated in this industrial area, turning the historic warehouses to be some of the city’s hottest and restaurants. It was just once a meat-packing district, the West Loop has widely become one of the most perfect dining destinations in the city.

A stretch of Randolph Street, you can find a restaurant called Restaurant Row is where you will find plenty of the neighborhood’s most popular and celebrated spots, from high-end food selections to hidden gems of ramen joints to fourth-generation sandwich shops. West Loop is the home of the enclave, wide range of traditional restaurants, pastry shops, and delis which is infamous Greektown. The second oldest American institution can also be found in this part of Chicago, the National Hellenic Museum.

The Fulton Market with its cool industrial vibe that hosts overwhelming activities, all because of the trendy restaurants and bars that have run the old warehouse spaces. You can also visit some of West Loop’s art galleries, cool gift shops, as well as boutique hotels. Find vintage and antiques finds at the Randolph Street Market. During the summer season, the market opens its doors with live music and pop-up bars.


Fulton-Randolph Market District has a vast history as one of the oldest Chicago markets. During the 1850s, the area was divided into two markets with Randolph Street with its home for produce marketplace to Fulton Street’s meatpacking services. As these areas grew, businesses related to its primary market began to show up like barrel manufacturers, and then general manufacturing centers. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 has affected many southeastern portions of the West Loop. Flaming debris picked up strong southwest wind that has landed on rooftops across the river. After devouring 3.3 miles of Chicago’s developing districts, left with 1/3 of Chicago homeless.

Upcoming Event

Fall in love this Fall season with “Copa”, a carnival at 702 W Market St West Loop, Chicago, Illinois. Copa Carnivale is jampacked with a great cabaret-style dining experience with a 90-minute extravaganza performance. The Carnivale aims to transport audiences to a magical outstanding Copacabana, with a colorful twist.

West Loop Statistics

Size 547 square miles with 34,574 people living and 50/50 split with population’s gender. One of the major business headquarters of Google can be found in West Loop, Chicago, IL.

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