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Lincoln Park

Chicago Lincoln Park borders Lake Michigan and has been. The most affluent neighborhoods in Chicago. With 68,697 residents permanently living in this part of Chicago, IL, it has developed in many ways like the growing infrastructures such as train lines, subways, bus lines, and streetcars.

Going back to the past, Lincoln Park was originally settled by Native Americans up until 1824 when American troops built a small post in the end and later on have been developed by the United States.

Why Move to Lincoln Park?

 Architectural Beauty

Lincoln Park is a neighborhood made up of different residential architecture, such as factories and warehouses that have been converted into loft condos, high-rise buildings along the lake, brownstones, vintage walk-up townhouses, and especially revitalized single-family homes.

Great Landmarks

Lincoln Park’s plentiful green spaces are an ideal factor to why it is considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. The neighborhood is nested by five architecturally significant churches which are the St. Vincent de Paul Parish, St. Michael’s Church, St. Josaphat’s, and St. James Lutheran Church. These amazing structures and historical churches stand out and bring the neighborhood’s charming appearance to everyone.

Great Food

Lincoln in Chicago, Illinois has a wide variety of cuisine and top restaurants. Some of the restaurants in the neighborhood still reflect the Irish and German influences brought by the immigrants in the 1870s. Dine-in Boka and Alinea have been considered as one of the best restaurants in the world. Green City Market is a must-visit restaurant if you want to relax along with seasonal farmers and markets.

Vibrant Entertainment and Nightlight Scene

Lincoln Park holds its own unique form when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. Performing arts spaces in the district where you can watch live music and theater-like in Steppenwolf, Apollo Theater, iO Theater, and Greenhouse Theater Center. Not only that, but Lincoln Park is also the home of Lincoln Hall, B.L.U.E.S, and Kingston Mines with a different nightlife scene that everyone will truly enjoy. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

A Neighborhood with Highly Rated Schools

Highly rated schools are one of the best features in Lincoln Park that is very hard to find. The neighborhood’s natural family-friendly vibe is perfect for people of all ages. Lincoln Park is the home of DePaul University, one of the largest private universities in the US. Highly rated High elementary schools like Prescott Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, and Mayer Elementary school can be found in the neighborhood.

The diversity of culture in this neighborhood is a great aspect to look for when you are searching for a place to move in.

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