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River North  

River North in Chicago, Illinois is an ultra-urban, ultra-stylish district with an engaging art galleries and studios, all jampacked into former warehouse buildings. River North is the go-to place for the art community of Chicago. The area with a bustling energy, variety of fabulous art galleries can be found in this magnificent district.

Cultured by day and high gear by night. River North is the perfect place to celebrate for the good weekend after a long and tiring Friday. From authentic Italian food halls to high-end steakhouses or maybe enjoy tiki drinks and tropical vibes with your loving friend and just dance the night away. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

Things to Do in Chicago

Stroll and Eat Amazing Food

Exploring a city is not complete if you don’t visit the right places to eat. Amazing food tours to the most recognized restaurants will truly get the feel with the place. You can try the dining at the Mediterranean restaurant that provides a modern twist on classic favorites. Ema is the best place if you are looking for a place to eat brunch to desserts. This restaurant gives a great look and feel as much as enjoying the food. If you are going a Friday night out with friends you can try drinking bottomless Margaritas at Hutch American Café. They serve variety of delicious choices of meal and bottomless margaritas, sangria and mimosas to spice up your Friday.

Stay at a hip Boutique Hotel

A luxury boutique hotel sounds inviting, right? The Gwen Hotel has 312 rooms and suites that offers a magnificent view of Chicago’s landmark. The hotel has a request in-room massage and mixology carts and drink and dine experience in the Circa Restaurant and Lounge where you can sip your cocktail while enjoying the rooftop view of the Metropolitan City.

Witness you Favorite Artists

Watching your favorite artist perform in the House of Blues is quintessential Chicago, IL experience. Just bring a date, go for a lunch or dinner date while enjoying a local music and full buffet. Performances in the House of Blues is almost every day, as well as hearing some great Chicago music during multiple time slots.


Ikram in Chicago, Illinois is a luxury women’s boutique that not just catering a great shopping experience but an elegant lunch destination that makes everyone feel more like an exclusive ladies’ lounge. They have a great chef that makes mouth-watering sandwiches, salads and wraps, totally perfect for the ladies.

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