Why Chicago Residents Should Not Fear The Bed Bug

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of news stories regarding bedbugs. Many of these stories are associated with the comeback of these hideous pests. There is no doubt that these headlines have sparked a fear in the hearts of consumers throughout the United States. Nevertheless, the city of Chicago has been hit harder than others. Chicago just happens to rank near the top of the list for bed bug sightings and infestations. While this can be incredibly frightening, you should understand that there is truly no need to fear the bed bug. Why is this the case? You’ll find out below.

No Diseases

Some specific insects and pests are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases. This means that they’ll be able to pass potentially dangerous illnesses to you and your family members. German cockroaches are capable of spreading gastroenteritis and other illnesses. Bedbugs are actually different. While these pests might look remarkably similar to roaches, they’re not actually that dangerous. These bugs will definitely bite you, but there are no known cases in which a bedbug has transmitted a disease to a human being. These bugs still need to be eliminated rapidly, but you do not have to worry about them making you sick.

Minor Reactions

As mentioned above, the bedbug is capable of biting their target. Initially, this will likely make you incredibly concerned. However, this isn’t that big of a deal in actuality. A bedbug bite cannot kill you and it will not cause you to develop a dangerous disease. The only potential complication associated with a bedbug bite is a minor allergic reaction. Some people will definitely a rash, after they’ve been bitten. Other than that, there is truly very little to worry about.

Easily Rectifiable

Some pests are incredibly difficult to eliminate. Over the past few years, bedbugs have become more difficult to kill, since they’ve evolved and their shells have grown far thicker than ever before. Nevertheless, you need to understand that a bedbug problem is still easily rectifiable. Scientists and exterminators have worked together to find a better solution to this problem. Today, the bed bug extermination firms in Chicago will incorporate the use of heat to eliminate these bugs. Heat is capable of fixing this problem very easily and with maximum efficiency.

Totally Safe Solutions

In order to eliminate some pests, such as cockroaches, the exterminator will be forced to use chemical sprays. While these products can get the job done, they’re truly a double-edged sword. This is true, due to the dangerous chemicals found in pesticides. This is yet another reason that Chicago residents should not fear the bed bug. Most of the bed bug extermination companies in Chicago will use heat, as mentioned above. Heat has an abundance of benefits. It is totally effective and also completely safe. With the heat machines, no dangerous chemicals will be left behind.

Bedbugs are still a major problem, but they should not be feared. They’re not nearly as dangerous as other pests. And of course, these pests can be eliminated safely! Look past the fear and reach out to one of the professional exterminators in your area to regain control of your home!