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Closely Examining The Bed Bug Solutions Available

The number of bedbug cases within the City of Chicago has increased substantially during the past few years. This means that you could very well be next. While it may be possible to go through life without ever being required to deal with bedbugs, the possibility is always there. It is important to take this into consideration and do your best to prepare for the worst. Familiarizing yourself with the bed bug solutions available to all Chicago residents is pertinent. This will give you the ability to react quickly after you’ve discovered bedbugs crawling around your home. Below, you will learn more about the possible solutions.

First Confirm The Infestation

It is absolutely essential to remember that bedbug solutions can be fairly unsafe. This is true with the mass majority of solution options. Since the news of bedbugs is downright horrifying, there is a possibility that you’re simply paranoid. Before treating your home with potentially harmful chemicals, it is vital to definitely confirm the infestation. It is possible to do this by looking at your body for bites, checking your belongings for blood stains, and looking for feces. If you familiarize yourself with pictures of bedbugs, you will also have the chance of identifying the bugs when they scour through your property.


Once you’ve unfortunately identified bedbugs in your home, you will want to begin looking at the bed bug solutions available in Chicago. The most common solution of all is the chemical spray. Most consumers are well aware of the fact that pesticides and other sprays have been used to kill bugs for many years. While they can be slightly risky, pesticides may eliminate bedbugs with several treatments. It should also be known that there are powders, which are also capable of killing these critters.

Powders can provide you with a long-term solution. Just remember that these products tend to kill the bugs slowly, so you will need to remain patient.

Using Heat

If you’re looking for a much quicker way to kill bedbugs, you’ll want to consider utilizing heat. While bedbugs are capable of withstanding a little bit of spray, they cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. When exposed to certain temperatures for a good duration, the bedbugs will succumb and die. There are several ways to increase the temperature to this level. There are specific heaters, which can be used for this purpose.

They can be purchased online and they’re specifically designed for household use. Alternatively, you may want to consider reaching out to a professional. They’ll have access to highly innovative machines, which will get the job done much quicker and more conveniently.


If you’re intent on fixing the problem on your own, you may want to consider investing in bedbug traps. This is likely one of the messiest ways to fix the problem, but it can be effective. Just remember that traps will require you to physically dispose of the bugs, after they’ve been captured. If you can handle it, this is a good way to save money. Unfortunately, this form of treatment can be a bit tedious as well. Therefore, it might not be right for everyone.

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